History of KKP Group

ΚΚΡ (Koumarianos-Kontaridis Partners), a group of companies based in Athens made up of KKP Tax Consultants S.A. and KKP Information Systems LTD, is a dynamic group integrating excellence in Financial and Operational Business Management. The group was founded by Nikolaos Koumarianos and Georgios Kontaridis, close business partners since 1990.
Currently employing 13 highly skilled professionals, having grown from an initial number of 5 at its early phase, the Group has always looked to recruit professionals of a sound financial and accounting background but also fluent in English ensuring thus their effective communication and addressing of the needs and requirements of our clients abroad.

Our clients are SMEs and large corporations operating in Greece and abroad in the sectors of services, exports, imports, agricultural produce, medical products, etc. – all representing a challenging business environment where advice on everyday operations as well as on tax-efficient business strategies is crucial: KKP delivers, every single time, to their full satisfaction.

KKP has been expanding its operations abroad, in countries where there are major Greek business interests, and also for the purpose of serving Greek entrepreneurs wishing to expand their business in new markets. KKP Group possesses the necessary background and knowhow to support its clients in establishing a business entity in any Balkan or other country. Currently the Group has a branch in Romania (Bucharest), a representative in Bulgaria (Sofia), in FYROM (Skopje) and in Serbia (Belgrade), while having a presence of over 25 years in Cyprus. Our next ambitious and exciting step is the expansion of our business associations in the United Arab Emirates.