Our Vision and Mission Statement

To create the assurance needed –today more than ever before– by a company in order to be able to always focus on prosperity and growth safe in the knowledge that all institutional and legislative aspects of its operation are being taken care of by an organization providing superior client service.

Our slogan/motto is “Healthy entrepreneurs with a clear view to the future” as we wish for our corporate clients to be able to establish new businesses or expand their existing ones, in a secure environment, both in and outside of Greece.

A Solid Advantage

Firm commitment and guaranteed efficiency

KKP Group is an accounting company implementing a modern, solid and well-designed operating structure.

Our highly experienced people work in an extremely focused, responsive, structured and effective manner; and, what’s more important, without hesitation or fear as their work observes the highest quality standards and unfailing method.

Work in varying corporate culture settings

Foreign companies are able to communicate and work with highly skilled professionals who fully understand and appreciate their specific circumstances, being fluent in the English language and also being familiar with the requirements of an international setting having themselves studied or trained abroad.

A positive & pragmatic approach

To us there are no problems that cannot be solved – rather, there are solutions tailored to the client’s needs and circumstances. While it is true that in the present financially challenging times accounting and tax-related matters are increasingly complex and often seem hard to tackle, our people will always be able to find an appropriate solution for everything, possessing the expert knowledge, experience and positive attitude warranted. We are defined by our clearheaded and pragmatic, business-minded approach in addressing all challenging situations; we have the knowhow better than anyone else, and this has gained us the absolute confidence and trust of our clients.

Constant training of our staff

Every 1-2 months training seminars are conducted at our head office, which all staff are required to attend.

Speakers of high repute and expertise present the new tax accounting and financial legislation and elaborate on the changes to existing legislation giving practical examples, aimed at updating the trainees’ knowledge and enriching their specific expertise.